What is KetoPasta™?

KETOPASTA™ is a guilt-free alternative to standard pasta. It has a considerably low calorie and carbohydrate count while being fat and sugar free. It is made from natural ingredients that combine to make KETOPASTA™ look and taste like normal pasta making it ideal in a variety of dishes in place of spaghetti or noodles. It will also go great in your favourite stir-fry!


KETOPASTA™ substitutes wheat flour for a natural blend of organic Konjac vegetable flour and organic oat fibre (0g gluten). Konjac foods, a staple in Japan, are famous for their low calorie count, reduced carbohydrates and high fibre content.

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KETOPASTA™ is perfect for competition preparation or if you are on a restricted/low macro diet. It is also rated at 0g gluten so it is great for people on gluten free diets.

KETOPASTA™ is a clean alternative to pasta with low calories and low carbs so it is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight by lowering their calorie or carbohydrate intake. It also fits well into a range of diets including paleo, keto diets, IIFYM, CICO, LCHF and many more. 

It is easy to prepare and will help you introduce new meals that fit your diet. It's a simple way to start reducing carbs and calories in your daily life which makes KETOPASTA™ the perfect product for almost anyone.



*The above information is per 100g serving.


Detailed Nutritional Information:

 Ingredients: purified water, konjac vegetable flour, organic oat fibre and mineral salt (526).